NISA Wellness Retreat

NISA WELLNESS RETREAT is a state-of-the-art oasis designed to transform guests both physically and emotionally, helps to open eyes, minds and hearts. Their focus is to achieve the most devising personal programme of treatments and services. These will include diet, yoga, rest and relaxation, emotional issues and your inner self.

Checking into a wellness retreat for a full-blown mind, body and soul experience can be one of the most relaxing and a healthy thing to do. If you’re considering a wellness vacation, whether to de-stress, lose weight or even try some natural anti-aging, NISA WELLNESS RETREAT is the perfect place, it is dedicated to helping guests live life in the moment.

They also offer services such;

  • Spa: A sanctuary of timeless tranquillity, a haven for body, mind and soul which is the ideal get-away to unwind for the daily challenges of life with services such as; massages, NISA rituals, reflexology, couples experience, hydrotherapy, facials, body treatment etc.

  • Accommodation: A deluxe suite and standard room.

  • Restaurant and Bar: Offers a wide selection of beautifully-presented meals and light refreshments, there’s also a sublime space to enjoy a drink or cocktail.

To better accomplish their goal and for more customer satisfaction and services they required the use of Our Business Manager.

Our Business Manager: is a business management system that fits all types of businesses. With Our Business Manager, business owners & managers can easily manage their organization’s operations. Our business manager is a customizable system in the sense that it can be designed to meet the customer’s specific needs precisely

Our Business Manager receives operational data such as record of sales, revenue generated, items purchased, bills paid & all other expenditures, which she uses to guide the decisions of business owners / managers by generating the following reports:

  • Income verse Expenditure Report (Income Statement)

  • Report of Receipts & Payment of Money (Cash Book Report)

  • Report of Assets, Liabilities, and Capital of a business (Balance Sheet)

  • Report of Money Owed to the business (Accounts Receivable)

  • Report of Money Owed by the business (Accounts Payable)

  • Report of All Financial Transactions (General Ledger)

  • Report of Items Supplied

  • Report of Items Stock Level in the Store

  • Report of Items Consumed / Utilized or Damaged


The major challenge the company is currently facing is the difficulty in finding the best way to cost their services, and some their goods, say ;

  • The best way to cost a certain plate of food, based on the ingredients used in preparing it.

  • Having one platform running all their business units rather than getting one platform for one unit, and also managing their resources as best as possible.

  • Also cost to charge on some services, for instance, a massage, based on the products that would be put into use for a good session.


NISA wanted a product to help manage their inventory, sales, purchase order, financial account and also help in generating their report based on the financial account, basically they wanted to keep track of everything going on with goods and services in order to avoid mis management or theft.


A customer needs to able to make enquiries about the accommodation and its services, the reservation process, which rooms are vacant and which ones are not, the common problems in a are as follows

  • The time required to do manual work

  • Manual room to room checking if a room is still vacant or not.

  • Difficulty in generating a financial report

  • Difficulty in keeping track of historical records.

  • Difficulty in Keeping their inventory updated.


Integrating Our Business Manager into their system. Why Our Business Manager?  Like it was stated earlier, Our Business Manager is flexible, understandable and has a user friendly platform which allows the user to navigate through the system easily without encountering problems.

It provides an Accommodation frontdesk platform, purchase and sales platform, inventory management, and also generates a financial/business report for the company.

Accommodation Front-desk

  • There’s a platform for reservation which shows the number of rooms and their status whether it's available, blocked, out of order or reserved.

  • This same platform also shows color codes to distinguish the status of the rooms


  • Also there's a platform for group booking, which eases the process or stress of checking the customers in individually, it can be done once and all the charges and payment are made collectively.

  • There’s also a platform whereby the customer would not need to pay as he orders from the bar, restaurant, the spa or the pool, but the bills are being charged to his room through his room number, which is the customer choice.

  • Cash deposits can also be made at the front desk, in order to enable the customer access his or her desired services.

Purchase Order and Sales

There’s a platform created which covers the functions of the bar, restaurant, spa and pool in such as way that

  • Allows the user to select the items for sale, the quantity, the customer and the discount tied to it from the initial cost of sale, anywhere there’s a sale or services there’s a discount functionality attached to it, which aids easier purchase, costing and generating of financial reports.

  • A function is also available to directly generate purchase order, the order can be given to the vendors and it displays the pending order for the vendors if the goods have not been delivered.


  • This platform gives you an overview of the items you have in store

  • There’s a platform which can view all items and based on their business units they have different category of items for each unit.

  • The platform gives them a proper inventory and track of how their items are being utilized.

  • There’s also a function where the units can send in material request to the store or inventory whenever they run out of any commodity, and await the approval.

  • This also helps the store to restock or generate a purchase order if what was requested for isn’t available.

  • Also at the inventory, stocks can be transferred through units, there's a function that keeps track of the items, the specified quantity and the destination.

  • Monitoring of items usage history and supply and material request history.

  • Also a function to prepare an excel sheet outside of the items where it can be searched and imported filling up the item list 

Business Report

  • There's a platform that can manage and generate the hotel report , sales report, expenditure and stock level report, 

  • The report helps the company monitor sales, it helps them determine the progress of how the business units are functioning.

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