Bodyrox Fitness Center

Bodyrox fitness center is a fitness studio that believes fitness should be affordable and accessible to everyone. They want to make health and fitness available to everyone, irrespective of a person’s lifestyle. That’s why they’ve created a gym that is always open. They’re making sure the fitness equipment is world class, with world class standard trainers offering the best personal coaching and classes. They offer fitness, yoga and karate classes.

To better accomplish their mission, they required the need of  Our’s business manager’s gym platform which comprises of functionalities such as 

  • Managing the complete operations of the companies

  • Membership management

  • Sales

Statement of problem

The company’s current challenge is the inability to have a system that manages all their general operations such as 

  • Members registration

  • Member’s subscription plan

  • Member’s payment 

  • Sales 

Company Requirements

Bodyrox fitness center wants a platform that manages all operations be it membership registration, payment.

Proposed Solutions

The system is providing the company with a customised solution based on their specified requirements, the solutions are as follows;

  • A membership function that captures the registration of all members 

  • Also a form that captures the registered members

  • A function for the membership plan , it shows the kind of plan to subscribe to 

  • A function that monitors the attendance of their customers who become members

  • A function that handles the subscription plan and the details of the members on the plan

  • A function that handles the payment and transactions done by the members and also to be able to access their payment history for review.

  • A function that permits upfront payment for services by their members should in case they want to purchase any item being sold by the center.

  • Furthermore on that , a function that lets the user select a member who has purchased certain items and deduct from his/her payment 

  • A function that specifies a fixed fee for the customer who wants to become a member.

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