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A jewelry store faces a tremendous amount of task of maintaining and accounting for items they have in store, the loss of one item is very expensive, currently most jewelry stores track their inventory on a daily or weekly basis, this process is usually done manually, which time consuming, requires handling of each item and its prone to error, hence the need for a management system that automates the inventory taking charge of all processes reducing the manual work and saves time.


  • Jewelry tagging / Printing of barcodes
  • Generating receipts for all transactions
  • Inventory tracking
  • Report on all sales

This will avoid human error due to inexperience and data entry, paper work would be completely eliminated.

Our JEWELRY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM: It’s a user friendly system that helps jewelry stores manage their day to day activities, helps in proper documenting of sales and generation of all types of reports, keeps records of customers, repairs and the status of the items in repair.

The system navigation is divided into two main types namely global and local navigation.
The global navigation consists of series of functions that allows the following
Sell: Enables you conduct all sales operation
Repair: Allows you capture and keep track of items brought in for repairs and the status of those items
Payment: Captures the payment and transactions made by customers
Customers: Allows you manage the bio-data of all customers in other to enhance your relationship with the customer and also captures their transactions
Stocks: Enables you keep track of all jewelries or goods in the inventory at any given time More: Enables you manage different types of reports and also grants you access to the admin page for editing the information to your satisfaction.

Our Management System performs the following operations

  • New Items: This function allows you create new items with detailed description of the said item; the price, category, type and discount and also allows the insertion of an image to better describe the item
  • Making Sales: This function allows you click on the item for sale and also select the customer who wants to purchase the said item. You confirm the sale and a receipt is generated for it
  • Creation and management of customer details: This function allows the user to create a full details of customers and also manage or edit the customer details Discount Management: This allows you to apply discount to either an item or a customer based on the value of the discount desired by you.
  • Transactions and Appraisals: This enables search for a customer, click on it and you have a full view of the transactions made by a customer or all the customers, it also shows the wish-list of a customer(s), displaying whatever item he/she requires.
  • Repair Jobs: This allows you manage, keep track and view the status of any item brought in for repair by any customer.
  • Reporting: Generates a series of reports
  • Stock Level Report: Generates the low stock level, stock supply history, product catalog and stock consumption report.
  • Sales Report: A well detailed report of all transactions, periodic sales report, and unpaid sales transactions
  • Financial Report: Shows customers transactions and the ones that are owing, cash book report and the profit and loss report.

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